Language Education Center (TOMER)

Turkish Language Education and Research Center (TOMER) is a professional Language Education Center that was established in 2017 with the goal to teach and spread the Turkish language and culture to those who aim at studying at departments of Bartın University. Each year, hundreds of students from overseas learn Turkish language at TOMER as part of preparatory education prior to their departmental studies. Within the scope of these purposes, our Center maintains the quality and standards of Bartın University in all its works. It is also aimed to organize foreign language education programs and courses in national and international areas for public, private sector and international organizations and individuals. 

The establishment of TOMER under the structure of the Rectorate of Bartın University was approved in accordance with the Article 7/d-2 of the Law No. 2547 numbered 2880 in the meeting of the Executive Board of the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education dated 01/02/2017. 
The Central Regulation was published in the Official Gazette dated 10/03/2017 and numbered 30003.

TOMER does its best to provide the necessary foreign language knowledge and skills of the participants by combining theoretical education with the application of language education especially for the staff and students of the Faculties, High Schools, Vocational Schools, Grad School and other Research and Application Centers of Bartın University.

Our Center subsequently aims at the following;
  1. To teach Turkish language spoken in Turkey and abroad, to promote Turkey and Turkish culture,
  2. To teach Turkish to foreigners, Turkish children abroad and other people, who want to learn Turkish and to teach Turkish and foreign languages for the certificate,
  3. To be engaged in language education, research and publication activities together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, related units of the universities and other public institutions and organizations in the framework of bilateral agreements made by the Government of the Turkish Rebuplic,
  4. To open courses for instructors and teachers assigned by the Ministry of National Education and related ministries to teach Turkish language in Turkey and abroad, to provide guidance for those about the countries where they will work,
  5. To prepare programs on Turkish language education as a native language, to carry out works on this topic together with various institutions and organizations in Turkey and abroad, to carry out works in order to develop language education methods performed in the philology and Turkish language and literature departments of the universities,
  6. To prepare CDs and to publish books and brochures, which teach and introduce Turkish together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and institutions such as Turkish Radio and Television Association,
  7. To organize educational programs for the last year students and graduates of the departments of Turkish Language and Literature, Translation Studies, Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting and Modern Turkish Dialects and Literatures,
  8. To make comparative studies between Turkish and foreign languages in order to make Turkish teaching more efficient,
  9. To make research, examination and applications about language teaching methods,
  10. To provide academic support to Turkish children living abroad in the form of organizing short-term integration courses, so that they can learn Turkish as required.