Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Estimated cost of living for an international student in Turkey is around 300-350 EUR (excl. tuitions) per month. Compared to neighbouring countries, this offers you a lot more to do with a minimum budget although your expenses may vary depending on your lifestyle and spending habits. Bartın is an excellent destination for those who seek to study in an affordable city. Compared to other destinations in Turkey, particularly to metropolitan cities, it is a convenient place to live as well as popular among the international students with an appropriate budget. You can benefit from student discounts in many services including transportation, accomodation and entertainment.

Costs* (approximate)

Per Week

Per Month


Study Costs



450 - 750 EUR 

Health Insurance (General)


 15 EUR


Health Insurance (Private)


 5-15 EUR


Public Transportation

 2-3 EUR





 75-90 EUR




   5 EUR




   3-4 EUR


Accomodation (flat)


 50-75 EUR
(shared flat)


(Private Student Hostel incl. facilities)


 120-150 EUR


Internet for Home Use


 8-12 EUR


Mobile Lines for Communication


 4-8 EUR


Food&Drink ( inexpensive cafe & rest.)

 20-30 EUR 



Tips for Accommodation Costs
Although accomodation is likely to be your main cost, staying in a room or shared rooms at student hostels will cut your costs because the costs of many hostels already include the services such as dinners, electricity, internet, heating and laundry.

Approximate Costs
Annual living cost of an avarage student of Bartın University is presented in the table above (apprx. 3500 EUR). You should keep in mind that the estimated costs presented by the university are for single students. If you plan to bring your family, you should consider all other living costs.