Exchange Programs

Dear prospective students,

As candidate student, in a very short time, you will start your new life as a university student. Being a university student today gives you some privileges in life, but the most important thing is what you add to yourself in your university life. At this point, the opportunities offered by your university play a key role, too. As Bartın University, we incorporate international mobility projects that will help you gain new horizons, offer you the opportunity to meet new countries and people, and enable you to enter business life as self-confident individuals.

More than 60 universities from 3 different continents
Our university, which has been providing its students with education opportunities abroad since its establishment, has cooperation with more than 60 universities in 3 different continents. Most of these are Erasmus + and Mevlana mobility agreements. In addition, thanks to these agreements, our students have the opportunity to receive education or internship for up to 12 months with mobility projects in European Union Program countries for each education cycle. Every year, dozens of our students take advantage of these opportunities and graduate with academic and professional privileges, self-confidence, advanced solution skills, setting big goals and keeping their career goals at the top.

Education and internship mobility
In addition to contributing to academic and professional development through learning and internship mobility, we also enable our students to develop permanent skills and qualifications and experience new experiences by sending our students abroad at different times of the year with Youth Exchange and Volunteering projects.

Erasmus Promotion Days
We share much more than what we tell here with all our university students at the Erasmus Promotion Day, which we organize twice a year, and help you guide their education careers. With our Erasmus Exchange Club, we carry out promotional and awareness activities about Erasmus+, we try to spread them throughout the university and ensure that our students are fully aware of all opportunities. In this club, we mentor our incoming students from several universities within the scope of Erasmus+, and support them to adapt to the university and the city in a short time.

Grant support to our students
Within the scope of our agreements, our students, who have continued their education at universities abroad for a certain period of time and returned to our university, will be able to have all the courses taken abroad fully recognized by our university. We provide grant support to our students who will benefit from such mobility activities, through the National Agency, and we provide grant support to cover the mobility period. We provide guidance service at every point by providing orientation trainings to our students who will study abroad and do internships before their mobility.

Nearly 2000 international students from over 70 countries
Today, our university has come a long way towards becoming an international university with hundreds of international students from over 70 countries. Here, you can feel the internationalization not only by going abroad, but also by visiting our campuses and our city. Our International Student Office also provides guidance services to students who want to continue their education abroad.