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for undergraduate degree programs

from March 13 to April 02, 2023

How to Apply For Admission

International student admissions for Bartın University are open several times during the year. You are kindly asked to follow the announcements to check if we are in the admission period or not, and read these instructions carefully.

  1. We admit international students for undergraduate programs only through the online application page. Do not forget to upload all your documents and complete the parts with the required information, such as passport ID number, phone numbers or academic records such as diploma and/or exams and contact info. Please make sure that all your documents bear your name exactly as written in your passport and academic records.
  2. You may apply to 5 different departments that you wish to study at during the online application. Please check the duration of study period (2 or 4 year education) for the department.
  3. Candidates may also submit the documents that show your scores or grades for some national or international examinations, certificates or diplomas accepted by Bartın University. Click here for details and accepted exams, diplomas & certificates.
  4. You are required to have graduated from the high/secondary schools up to 3 years ago at the latest in order to be admitted to any one of the departments.
  5. If you have already obtained a language certificate from Turkish state universities that shows your proficiency in Turkish language, you may also upload this document.
  6. For the departments whose medium of instruction is English, you are also asked to submit a document that shows you know English in B1 level at least (with a certification). Or else, you have to prove that you have received secondary education either in countries where English is spoken as a native language or in any school whose medium of instruction is 100% English. To be exempted from preparatory education for English, you must achieve C1 proficiency from one of the national or international exams recognized by YÖK (Council of Higher Education in Turkey).
  7. After you have completed the online form, your e-mail account that you provided on the application will be sent an activation email. Click on that link and you will be directed to the application page. You will see the notification stating that you application has been successfully completed.


For further questions, mail to:

International Student Office
Agdaci Campus
74100 Merkez/Bartın TURKEY

Applications are accepted on the basis of application periods.

Academic Program terms start:
Fall semester (late September) and
Spring semester (late February)