B A R T I N    U N I V E R S I T Y

FAQs for Prospective Students



In which part of Turkey is Bartın located?
Bartin is located in the Western Black Sea Region.


What is the distance to metropolitan cities such as Ankara and Istanbul?
It is located 280 km away from Ankara and 440 km from Istanbul.


How far is it to the seaside and natural beauties?
There are approximately 10 beaches within the borders of Bartın province. The distance of the most preferred beaches to the city center is approximately 15 km. Located where the blue and the green meets, Bartın is famous for its natural beauties and the Küre Mountains National Park. The distance to the National Park is about 90 km.


What is the social life like in Bartın?
Young population has a significant share in the city center. Approximately 20,000 of the population in the city center out of 70,000 people consists of students. Many places are just within walking distance, and you can reach anywhere you want from the center with a single vehicle when necessary.



Are there dormitories available for accommodation at your university?
Our university does not have any dormitories. There are state dormitories and private dormitories owned by the Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK). Students can apply to these dormitories if they wish. Alternatively, students may reside in shared rooms in apartment blocks.


What is the average cost of accommodation in private dormitories?
The fees for private dormitories vary between 750-1500 TL. Dormitories generally offer accommodation in a room for one, three or five persons.


What is included in private dormitory accommodation expenses?
Most dormitories include such facilities as food, water, electricity, heating and laundry.


Is the distance between the dormitories and the campuses far?
There are four campuses in total at Bartın University. One of them is 10 km away from the city center and the other is 5 km away.

Bartın City Center – Kutlubey Campus (10 km)

Bartın City Center – Ağdacı Campus (5 km)


How is transportation from the city center to the campuses?
There are bus shuttles from the city center to both main campuses. Buses depart from campuses every 5 minutes during the academic year. The trips between the center and the campus take approximately 10-15 minutes.



What is the language of instruction at your university?
The medium of instruction at our university is mainly in Turkish.


Do you have any departments that teach in different languages?
The language of instruction for the English Language Teaching program is 100% English, and the language of instruction in Arabic Language Teaching is 100% Arabic. In the English Translation and Interpretation program, 70% of the courses are given in English.


How long does the education at your university take? How long are the education periods for associate and undergraduate programs and graduate programs?
The academic year varies according to the education program.

Associate degree programs – 2 years

Undergraduate programs – 4 years

Master's programs – 2 years

Doctoral programs – 4 years


What are your education periods in a year in the academic calendar?
Although the dates in the academic calendar are updated every year, generally the fall semester is between September and January, and the spring semester is between February and June.


Can I switch between departments?
Our international students can transfer between departments before the start of the courses in the first semester of the academic year they are registered. Relevant announcements are shared on the website of the International Student Office.


Are special talent exams administered in the Faculty of Sports Sciences? Is a medical report requested for its departments?
Special talent exams are not held in sports sciences, and a comprehensive health report is not requested from the students for this reason.


What is the Turkish Proficiency Exam?
Turkish Proficiency Exam is a test administered by our Turkish Language Teaching Center to assess whether international students are proficient in Turkish before starting their education in their departments. C1 level proficiency is required from the students in order to start their education in the department.


What is TÖMER?
TÖMER is the abbreviated name of Turkish Language Education Application and Research Center.


Do I have to take Turkish preparation?
Those who cannot prove their C1 level proficiency in Turkish language are required to take Turkish preparation.


Can I take Turkish preparatory education at another institution/university?
If the student has already completed C1 education at a state university in Turkey on the school registration, s/he submits her/his certificate to TÖMER and is exempted from Turkish preparation. However, if it is not considered sufficient at the registration stage, the student must take Turkish preparation at our university up to C1 level. They cannot take Turkish preparatory courses in other universities in this case.


Do you accept the Turkish Proficiency Certificate previously obtained from another institution?
If the student can prove her/his proficiency in C1 level when s/he is accepted and registered at our university, they can move on to the department before starting the Turkish preparatory program. This document must be obtained from a state university operating in Turkey.


Can I suspend my Turkish preparatory education?
Any student must complete her/his education at Turkish preparatory program within 1 year after enrolling in our university. In case of a delay in the education period due to pandemic, failure in exchange rates or various compulsory reasons, additional time may be given to their education period in line with the decision of TÖMER.


If the borders are closed due to the pandemic and I cannot enter Turkey, will my education right be reserved?
If the entrance to the country is limited due to Covid-19, additional time may be granted to the student within the decisions of the Higher Education Council (YÖK). Please follow the current announcements on the following website: https://isoen.bartin.edu.tr


Do I need to be vaccinated to start the face-to-face education on campuses?
It is planned to have all students vaccinated in order for them to receive face-to-face education at our university. For necessary updated announcements, follow the announcements on our university website.



How many different campuses do you have?
Our university continues its educational activities in four different campuses.

  • Kutlubey Campus
  • Agdacı Campus
  • Ulus Campus
  • Kurucaşile Campus


How many libraries do you have on your campuses?
There are two large libraries in the two main campuses, Kutlubey and Ağdacı Campus. The one on the Kutlubey Campus is the largest library in the region.


Which student clubs are in your university?
There are 28 student clubs operating in our university, the number of which is increasing day by day. You can find detailed information about the club here.


Can I work in Turkey during my study period?
International students are not allowed to work in Turkey.



Do you have partnerships with any companies, associations and organizations in Turkey or abroad for international student placements?
International student candidates can apply to us without contacting any company, association or organization. We do not have any partnerships.


How much are your department fees?
Although the department fees vary according to the academic units, they vary between $60-300.




Regular Education

(lowest semester fees)

Evening Education

(lowest semester fees)

Associate’s degrees



Bachelor’s degrees



Postgraduate degree




Why are candidates charged with deposits?
International student candidates who have been admitted to our university need to pay for tuition and deposit for registration. Deposit is a sum of money paid for possible extra expenses. This amount is paid back to the student after graduation. 

How can I apply to your university?
International student applications to our university are made online. Individual applications in person are not accepted on our campuses. Click here to see if we are in the application period and to apply.


Can I apply to your university at any time of the year?
International student admissions are open for certain periods 3-4 times a year. Early applications are open in April-May, regular applications are in July-August and late in November-December periods.


Which exams do you accept for my application to your university?
There are students from a wide variety of countries at our university, and the number of national and international exams that are recognized is increasing day by day. Click to see which exams are recognized.


Can I apply to your university with only a high school diploma?
Apart from the exams, the link of which is given above and recognized by our university, students can be admitted by submitting a high school diploma and records of transcript. However, national and international exams are prioritized for student placements.


Do you administer any Foreign Student Examination (YÖS) exam at your university?
There is no YÖS exam held by our university.


Can I apply to your university with the YÖS score obtained from other universities?
Students can use their YÖS exam results obtained from other universities in their applications.


How are my applications evaluated?
The required information entered during the application phase is evaluated and placements are made according to the preferred departments. They are placed starting from the student with the highest grade according to the accepted exam results and scores. Since the country quota is applied, internationally valid exam scores such as YÖS, SAT, Abitur may be requested from some countries.


How does the process work after my application is accepted?
Applications are evaluated within 10 days upon the completion of the application period. Later, the results of the placement are announced online. After paying the tuition fee & deposit online (here can be found the virtual payment link) and filling out the form on the online confirmation page to request your acceptance letter, you will download the acceptance letter from the application page within 2 working days. the names of those who have received the acceptance letters will also be sent to the Turkish representatives in the coutry of application. After the visa period granted to the student (approximately 5 weeks), the student is expected to come to our university for final registration with their original copies of documents.

Should I come to the university immediately after entering the country?
In order to obtain a residence permit in our country, the student has to prove that he is registered at Bartın University. For this reason, they should come to our university in person shortly after their entrance and register at departments and start the residence permit process.


When are the registration periods?
Registration periods take place at the beginning of both semesters (September – February) during the academic year.


How can I get my diploma equivalency in Turkey?
In order to obtain the equivalence of their previous education (secondary education / high school) in Turkey, they can apply online to the Ministry of National Education with the required documents. In general, the equivalence process is completed within 1 month.

Will you send my name to the Turkish representations in my country?
After paying the tuition and deposit online, you will be able to download the acceptance letter. These acceptance letters will also be sent to consulates or embassies in your country. 

Can someone else other than me register at your university if I cannot be there on the registration week?
As long as the person who has been granted the power of attorney by a public notary in Turkey, s/he can register at our university on behalf of you.

What if I arrive in Bartın or Turkey later than the registration week?
If the academic year has not started yet when you arrive in Turkey/Bartın, you can start your departmental education if you already know Turkish in C1 level. If you need to take Turkish classes, you need to register at TOMER as well, to achieve minimum language skills before your departmental education. They may start any time, so you may wait for a while.


When and how can I get a residence permit?
You must obtain your residence permit from the Provincial Immigration Administration in the city where you are accepted. You must make an online appointment by submitting the required documents to the International Student Office for the first registration.

Click for detailed information.


I got accepted from Bartın University. Can I get a residence permit from another city?
You can only get your residence permit from Bartın Provincial Immigration Administration for the candidate students who are accepted to Bartın University.


I am studying at TÖMER. How long can I get a residence permit?
The residence permit of the students studying at TÖMER is 1 year.



Does your university offer scholarships?
Scholarships are not provided to international students by our university. See alternative scholarship programs here.